Crypto Gaming News: Spotlight on Nitro Token

If you are a video gaming enthusiast who also enjoys all things cryptocurrency and blockchain, you will love discovering Nitro Token. This up-and-coming powerhouse is developing its own cryptocurrency to power the video gaming industry. If this sounds like your idea of paradise, read on to discover more delicious details about Nitro Token.

While creating a cryptocurrency to grow the video gaming industry might sound like a lofty goal, the team at Nitro Token have the financial backing to do so. Backed by venture capital firms in Singapore, Nitro Token is the work of iCandy Interactive, who already have over 340 million users to their credit. With the video gaming industry generating over 100 billion U.S. dollars per year, the ability to further monetize those revenues via a global cryptocurrency is the epitome of enticing. iCandy Interactive is backed by well-known financiers including Baidu and the China Mobile Game Developers Network.

Nitro Token hopes to explode the potential of the video gaming industry by connecting financial backers, game developers, game players, and marketers/publishers via blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Financial backers will have instant access to up-and-coming games, video game creators and studios will have increased access to financial funding, gaming enthusiasts will be able to participate in the development of games, and publishers/marketers will have instant access to the newest and hottest games. All transactions will be verified via blockchain technology, allowing all participants to easily track and trust everything from financial funding to virtual asset trading.

If this sounds like your idea of a perfect video gaming scenario, dig deeper into the potential of Nitro Token. Compare it to other cryptocurrency options for video gamers like CryCash to see which option you think has the biggest potential to entice crypto-gamers and video gamers alike. The future of video gaming and cryptocurrency gaming is being disrupted; companies like Nitro Token are at the forefront of that disruption.

Have a look at the white paper here.


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