Step 1
Submit Proposal
Game Studios and Game Developers can now submit their video game funding proposal to Nitro.
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Step 2
Nitro will evaluate the proposal to select the most promising game titles. These video games would then be presented to all NOX Holders for voting.
Step 3
NOX Holding votes on video games that they like.
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Step 4
The successful video game title will be funded by Nitro with the proceeds from the crowdsale of NOX in the form of fiat currency/BTC/ETH.
Project Proposal Criteria
Platform : iOS, Android
Funding Amount : Max USD 100,000
Proposal covering the following details:
1. Prototype
2. Game Proposal, covering at least:
   a. Core Game Play
   b. Concept Art
   c. Monetization
   d. Unique Selling Point
3. Business Proposal, covering at least:
   a. Production Timeline and Budget
   b. Team (their background, experience and portfolio)
All proposals MUST be written in English and submitted in PDF format.
Applicants MUST be a registered Companies / Enterprises / Sole Proprietorships in respective country.
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