How It Works



A panel of industry experts curates Promising Game Studios (PGS) globally, starting within our strong partners’ network

  • iCandy Interactive (SEA, Australia)
  • Global Mobile Game Confederation (China, Europe)

Vote & fund

Selected game-titles from PGS will be presented to NOX Holders for voting.

Successful game-titles will be funded by NITRO with Fiat currency and/or Cryptocurrency.

Be rewarded

Be rewarded for participation within our gaming platform! Voting, playing, reviewing games, and buying content!


Value of the network is in the number of nodes it has.

NITRO Marketplace involves all industry stakeholders to enable transparency and efficiency in transactions and flow of information, powered by the underlying public blockchainnetwork.

The NITRO project is one of the most extensive end-to-end solutions to solve the ecosystem problems of the game industry. The NITRO Marketplace is to be the global platform to house the solutions, while it is powered by the underlying NOX tokens that actas the fuel that keeps the economy of the NITRO ecosystem running.


Revenue share

Funded games will share revenue every 3 months with NITRO in the form of BTC/ETH or fiat currency (partly funded in NOX):

Game Studios will share revenue every 3 months with NITRO, by distributing an equivalent amount in Ethereum (ETH) back to NITRO.

30% of net revenue will be shared up to 3x of the funded amount and subsequently 20%, up to a maximum period of 5 years from the date of funding.

Grow Ecosystem

60% of the revenue share received by NITRO in NOX will be purchased on exchanges and converted into BTC/ETH/Fiat to fund new games

NITRO has the right to balance the allocation of funds by using up to 40% of the revenue share for marketing and operational costs.

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