Step 1
Submit Proposal
Game Studios and Game Developers can now submit their video game funding proposal to Nitro.
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Step 2
Nitro will evaluate the proposal to select the most promising game titles. These video games would then be presented to all NOX Holders for voting.
Step 3
NOX Holding votes on video games that they like.
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Step 4
The successful video game title will be funded by Nitro with the proceeds from the crowdsale of NOX in the form of fiat currency/BTC/ETH.
Project Proposal Criteria
Platform : iOS, Android
Funding Amount : Max USD 100,000
Proposal covering the following details:
1. Overview of the Project
2. Game Details
3. Business Model and Target Demographic
4. Innovation and Unique Selling Point
5. Production Timeline
6. Budget
7. Implementation Team
All proposals MUST be written in English and submitted in PDF format.
Applicants MUST be a registered Companies / Enterprises / Sole Proprietorships in respective country.
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