NITRO – Cryptocurrency for the
Video Games Economy

Welcome. NITRO is a revolutionary cryptocurrency aimed to solve the
end-to-end industry problem of the US$100 billion video games industry.
NITRO is backed by a credible publicly traded game company and headed
by experienced industry experts.


Nitro NOX tokens are now available for trading on COSS, IDEX and LiveCoin exchanges.

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Invest together with
VC professionals

Supported by game industry veterans and investment professionals

existing users

Infrastructure from existing business of over 348m players globally

Backed by publicly
listed company

Backed by publicly listed company with prominent institutional shareholders


Our project will add 325 mln gamers to our network from the acquisition of Animoca Brands' games (by iCandy)

Games include top brands like Garfield, Astroboy and Thor.

330 games and more to be integrated into the Nitro marketplace from Day 1.

Cross-marketing will be possible to over 348mln gamers in iCandy's network.

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Benefit from booming > USD$100B videogame industry
Video Games Market is booming at over US$100B a year

2.2B gamers across the globe are expected to generate USD$108.9B in game revenues in 2017.

Industry Overview
Video Games make 9x more than Hollywood

And close to 3x the entire movie industry.

Backed by the ASX-listed iCandy Interactive Limited

iCandy Interactive Limited is a leading Southeast Asia mobile games development company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Upon the launch of NOX cryptocurrency and Nitro Marketplace, iCandy Interactive will facilitate the publishing of all video-games funded by Nitro and it will make available its resources thereafter on an ongoing basis to foster the gamers community around the games’ operation of the Nitro Marketplace.

Shareholders of iCandy Interactive Limited
China’s Top-3 Internet Company
Japan’s Leading Early-Stage VC Fund
ASX-listed Venture Builder
China’s Mobile Games Developers Network
Existing successful business with 348mln users
Editor’s Choice
Top Developer

iCandy is a leader in game business:

  • Has a network of 348 million smartphone users
  • Named Google Top Developer and Editor’s Choice
  • Award winning (IMGA 2 times winner)

iCandy as the publisher will market Nitro-funded games and it will market the games to the its existing international community of more than 348 million smartphone users.

Backed by Prominent VCs

Nitro is backed by 2 established VC funds from Singapore: Fatfish Internet Fund and BB fund (blockchain fund by Life.Sreda).

The Nitro economy is conceived and built by those with very successful business track records in the tech industry.

ASX-listed Venture Builder
BB Fund by Life.Sreda

Current Problems within the Games Industry

No incentives to actively participate in industry development
Game studio
Difficult to raise funds
No easy access to benefit from industry growth
Increasing cost of connecting with audience

The Solution: Bringing together the entire ecosystem

NITRO aims to change the value-chain of the video-games industry by bringing all major stakeholders together on a single blockchain-powered network.

It democratises the structure of the industry.

It encourages diversity and stops the industry from being monopolized by large corporates.

It allows participation and provides funding access to new promising game studios

Benefits for everybody
Promising Game Studios
  • Better Access To Funding
  • Feedback Channel
  • Better Outreach
  • Favourable Transaction Fee For In-game Purchase
  • Instantaneous Transaction
  • Participate In The Game Development Process
  • Social And Potential Economic Benefits for Helping To Build The Nitro Community
  • Safe And Secure Transactions
  • Platform To Connect With Both Developers And Gamers
  • Reduction Of Cost Of Outreach
  • Tap Into Consumers For Marketing Efforts
  • Better Gauge Of Gamers Sentiments
  • Greater Confidence In Funding Profitable Early-stages Studios
  • More Integrated With Various Stakeholders

How the economy works:

NITRO Advisors:
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